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We are a Houston based business consultants that cater specifically to small and medium sized businesses. We target companies with 15- 100 employees. These are the companies that are fully in the jusidiction of EEOC regulations and most often struggle with OSHA, ISO and EEOC compliance. Our speciality is designing/redesigning and implemeting business systems that streamline your operation. Using the internet and basic management techniques we get small business to the next level.


We focus on results for you which means that we are mostly concerned with implementation. The best ideas, concepts and plans do not get results unless they are efficiently carried out. We listen closely to you and jointly come up with the most effective solutions to your issues.


We have years of experience in many industries including manufacturing, shipping, medical accounts receivable, retail, construction, marketing and sales, and service industries.


We know that for many small and medium sized companies, often times the biggest obstacles to change is change itself. We offer many different solutions to positively affect change in your business.